Program Management & Service Support

small-imgIn today’s market, it is especially important for employers to make sure that they are getting the best value for their money. This is true of human capital as well as materials and services. In this highly competitive marketplace, ensuring that you make the right staffing decisions for your company is critical. Having the right tools and resources at your disposal can make a huge difference in your bottom line, and every smart business person knows that the most powerful tool in their arsenal is their people. REMSA, Inc. has been helping our clients make the right decisions for over 30 years. We have the ability to provide both commercial enterprises and government agencies with a cost-effective means to recruit, obtain, and retain highly talented individuals. Our experience covers a wide array of disciplines ranging from administrative support to highly specialized scientific and technical areas.



REMSA, Inc. realizes that having the right supporting cast is just as important as having great leading role players. For this reason, we work just as hard to make sure those we place in administrative support roles are just as highly qualified as those in technical positions. Whether it is general office support or a specialized data entry project, REMSA Inc. carefully screens our employees to make sure that they will meet your needs and fit into your organization’s unique culture to provide the best fit.



programe_managementWith a diverse client base throughout the public sector, REMSA, Inc. has come to understand the special needs of managers at all levels of government. Federal, state, and local agencies can feel confident calling on us to provide the right talent for their organization at the right value. Allowing us to focus our energy on providing you with the human capital you need to keep your project moving allows you to focus energy on your larger goals. REMSA, Inc. even offers several Contract Vehicles to make it easy for you!
Administrative & Service Support :

  • Purchasing Support
  • Administrative Assistants, Accountants & Customer Service Representatives
  • Paralegals
  • Data Entry Support
  • IT Specialist
  • Technical Writers